Get your Lips “Mistletoe” Ready By Lesli Devlin,RN, BSN, RNC,IBCLC on December 05, 2014


Have you ever thought about plumping your lips, even just a little bit? Do you have the annoying problem of lipstick bleeding into lip lines? Whether you want a little lip plumping for that kiss under the mistletoe or lipstick ready lips, lip enhancement with fillers may be the answer for you. 


Lips lose collagen as we age. Lips also tend to roll inward giving an ‘aged’ look. Lipstick starts to spread into areas of creasing, therefore, most women choose to have  mild to moderate lip augmentation, achieving a very natural look.


When it comes to choosing WHO you want to plump your lips, experience and talent matter. With over 18 years of Facial Cosmetic Surgery experience, Dr. Michael Devlin can give you the luscious lips you have always wanted.


Juvederm Voluma or Perlane are two of the best products when plumping lips. Voluma and Perlane are very soft, smooth and natural feeling. Lip enhancement usually takes less than 45 minutes and with a topical numbing agent, the procedure is very well tolerated. Most lip fillers will last 9 months to a year and a half. You’ll probably even find you have to worry less about using lip liners, saving you time, hassle and money! To learn more about inject ables and fillers click here:



If your lips seem to be thinning, lipstick is running, or if you would just like plumper lips

Call Devlin Cosmetic Surgery at 501-227-8811 

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