When Should Women Consider A Breast Reduction? By Michael A. Devlin, MD on January 28, 2015



Neck/shoulder/back pain.

Large heavy breasts can weigh several pounds and may feel like even more than that. This extra weight can affect your shoulders, neck and back.. The discomfort can become more severe with long periods of walking or standing. A good support bra can help with the issue, but will most likely not eliminate it. Plus, a good support bra is sometimes difficult to find. If you are avoiding events where there is a significant amount of standing because your neck or back hurts, a breast reduction may be a viable option.

Out of proportion.

Extremely large breasts on an otherwise small frame sometimes make you feel self-consciousness. If you are constantly wearing loose clothing or trying to camouflage the size of your breasts then a breast reduction may increase your confidence.


As a woman ages, her breasts can begin to sag. Pregnancy and weight loss can contribute to this. Sagging happens to a much greater degree with extra large breasts. The weight of your can stretch your skin and make your breast sag.  Are your breast not in the same position they once were? If, so this is s reason to consider surgery.

Trouble exercising.

Large chested women have more difficulty exercising than their small breasted women. In most cases, running or jumping are not even an option for well-endowed women It can be a painful and embarrassing problem to have. In addition, finding good support clothes are important and often hard to find.  Are you having trouble exercising because of your large breasts? If so, a breast reduction could be the

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