Six Items Every Patient Should Have After Surgery By Michael A. Devlin, MD on January 29, 2015

1. Ice packs - Swelling and bruising are common after plastic surgery, particularly after any procedure involving the face and eyes.  We advise our patients to apply ice packs during the first 48 hours following surgery and should be applied every 15 to 20 minutes. In fact frozen peas, placed in a zip lock baggie, are cheaper and work just as well.


2. Compression Garments/Support Bra – This recovery aid is great in reducing swelling resulting from body contouring surgeries (tummy tuck, breast surgeries, liposuction, etc). You will be instructed on how long to wear the garments based on your specific surgery.


3. Band-Aids– No matter which procedure you’ll have, bandages will always be needed to protect the incision site, keep the area dry and clean.


4. Scar reducing creams – Any surgery that requires opening the skin will always have the possibility of scarring. Scar guard will come in handy in softening the appearance of these scars. You will be instructed on the when you should start applying the cream at your    post-operative visit with Dr. Devlin.


5. Camouflage makeup – Although this recovery aid won’t directly help you recover well, camouflage makeup can help cover up any bruising you may have on your face. while you’re still healing. Earlene, our aesthetician will help match your skin tone to the right camouflage.


6. Arnica/Arnicare- This is a natural herb that has proven results to help with swelling and bruising. You can purchase this in our office or at any pharmacy over the counter.


Take a look at our before and after pictures and see how amazing you could look after healing!

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