Removing Excess Skin with Body Contouring Surgery after Dramatic Weight Loss: Part Three By Michael A. Devlin, MD on February 11, 2015

Many individuals are turning to bariatric surgery to help lose excess weight. Some individuals are able to achieve massive weight loss through diet changes and exercise alone. 

Massive weight loss often leaves behind loose, excess skin and may also cause a sagging apperarance in areas where stretched skin was unable to return to its previous state.

Regardless of whether surgery or discipline leads to the weight loss, it is an impressive victory, a victory that should be celebrated. However, many people still feel depressed with the way their body has changed.

Patients come to me all the time to help provide solutions to the unwanted skin left over after weight loss. The problem areas usually will not respond to exercise, because it is skin and not fat.

This skin can become uncomfortable, irritated and often time embarrassing. When such dramatic weight loss is achieved it deserves to be celebrated, not hidden.

Skin removal through post-bariatric body contouring can be a great way to remove excess skin after substantial weight loss, and it often restores patients’ sense of self-confidence.


Breast Procedures

*Breast Augmentation-many women are surprised with how their breasts look after losing weight.  They often consult with me wanting fuller perkier breasts. Often time a breast lift is combined with this surgery.

*Breast Lift- Heavy large breast can cause them to sag. When weight loss is achieved, breast size decreases but does not change their position.  Many women want their breast back into a more natural position.


Body Procedures

*Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck)-Most people's bodies store excess fat on the abdomen first, so many massive weight loss patients are left with loose folds of skin and residual fat on the stomach.  Through an incision concealed below the waistline, I will remove excess skin, tightening the remaining skin to fit the patient's slimmer new body shape.

*Lower body Lift-This is one of the more common surgeries I do after massive weight loss. It is often the most dramatic. I make a cut around the abdomen and remove excess, sagging skin. It addresses the stomach, buttocks waist hips and thighs.

*Upper Body Lift- This procedure addresses the “back rolls” or the rolls of extra skin and fat along your back.  For women it is sometimes call a bra-line lift.  For men, This procedure can be combined with Gynecomastia(male breast reduction) surgery.

*Arm Lift- Hanging skin on the underside of the arm with loss of skin tone frequently occurs following extensive weight loss. The loose skin is sometimes associated with fat deposits from the elbow up. The arm lift is a procedure that is performed to remove excess skin and some fat in order to restore a more youthful slimming appearance in the arm.

*Thigh Lift-After massive weight most people are happy to be in smaller size pants.  However, they may not want to wear shorts due look hanging skin of the thighs.A thigh lift can help with the sagging skin and extra fat that remains.


Facial Procedures

*Facelift/Necklift- When you lose weight, you lose fat in your face, which may result in an older looking appearance than you had when you were heavier. Facelift and or Necklift will address the facial areas that have extra skin.  

Sometime it will even be address with dermal fillers or fat transfer to help restore the facial volume that was lost.


At my practice, I personally meet with my patients for approximately an hour.  I want to hear your experience with weight loss.  I want to find out your aspirations and areas of concern.

I develop a body treatment plan that is as individualized as you are. You have already achieved the first step by losing weight. 

My staff and I are committed to helping you achieve the second phase in your journey with skin removal.


If you have questions about post-bariactric weight loss surgery or would like to schedule a consultation contact my office today.

Devlin Cosmetic Surgery



Check back soon for my fourth and final installment in the series Body Contouring after Massive weight loss: What is the Recovery and Costs for Body Contouring procedures after Massive Weight Loss?

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