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Dr. Michael Devlin is a Cosmetic Surgeon who specializes in performing the Mommy Makeover in Little Rock Arkansas

The mommy makeover is one of Dr. Devlin’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. This procedure combines two procedures targeting the areas of the body most affected by pregnancy: the breasts and abdomen.

A tummy tuck is the main procedure for a mommy makeover. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Devlin will remove excess loose skin that was stretched during pregnancy. The muscles of the abdominal wall that separate during pregnancy will be tightened. Stretch marks that may have occurred during the pregnancy, will either be removed, or greatly diminished with a tummy tuck.

 Because the overall look of a woman breasts are often times affected by the effects of pregnancy, there are several breast procedure options available. First, patients may choose to have a breast augmentation with saline or silicone breast implants.  Secondly, some women find that their breast have some degree of sagging after pregnancy and breastfeeding. They may be happy with the overall size so in this case they may require a breast lift, which places the breast back into a pre-pregnancy position. Lastly, some women are concerned with sagginess as well as a loss of volume in their breast. This could be improved with a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation.

Every woman is different in how their body responds to the effects of pregnancy.  Therefore, at Devlin Cosmetic Surgery, we customize your treatment plan to fit your individual needs.   

“The mommy makeover procedure is very popular with mothers, but you don’t have to be woman that has just had a baby to benefit from these procedures. I have a lot of women that have recently lost a lot of weight that want to improve the appearance of the same problem areas as a new mother.  This weight loss could have been achieved through diet and exercise alone or through surgery such as a gastric bypass or sleeve,”said Dr. Michael Devlin. “I do however, recommend that mothers interested in the procedure wait until they have recovered from childbirth, finished having children and are at or near their goal weight.  During the recovery period, women will not be able to lift more than 10 pounds.  It is important to have sufficient help at home, especially if you have very young children.”

Most women that have had a c-section are surprised to find out that Dr. Devlin will actually make the incision for the tummy tuck much lower than their c-section scar, this allows for it to be well hidden in low rise jeans and swimsuits.  “You would be surprised at how many patients come back and tell me that they would have never imagined that they would be able wear a bikini again and are now proud to show off their post-pregnancy body, “ says Dr. Devlin.


If you have been thinking about having a Mommy Makeover, now is the time to call.  This special amazing special will not last long.

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Check back soon for our second series in the blog Mommy Makeover Surgery-Important Facts You Need to Know

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