Getting Ready for Summer with a Breast Augmentation By Lesli Devlin,RN, BSN, RNC,IBCLC on March 03, 2015

Summer is still  three months away, but women all over Arkansas are already coming to Devlin Cosmetic Surgery for breast augmentations so that they can be ready to look their best in summer clothes.


Early March in Little Rock, Arkansas may be wet and cold – but at Devlin Cosmetic Surgery, women are already preparing for summer.

"March and April are a perfect time for breast augmentation," explains Dr. Michael Devlin. “The results of breast augmentation are instantly visible, but it takes a couple of months for breast implants to settle in and look their best.  So if you want to be healed and ready for summer, now is the time to have the surgery.”

Women request breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. In addition to increasing the size of small breasts, it can also help correct asymmetrical breasts or restore volume lost as a result of childbirth, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss. In the summer women want breast to help them fill out a swimsuit or sundress. 

"I rely on my training and experience to recommend an implant option that will be satisfying for each individual patient," Dr. Devlin says. "Instead of consulting a chart or a program to determine what to recommend, I take into account each woman's height, weight, shape and frame and then give her a range of options that would look natural. In addition, each patient has the opportunity to 'try on' different sizes to get an idea of what she would look like in clothing."

Another reason to plan your surgery before the heat of summer is scarring. Scarring after breast augmentation surgery tends to be minimal and scars are typically placed in concealed areas such as under the breast or around the nipple.However, women who have breast implants may want to take extra precaution to protect against the sun as tanning too early after breast augmentation can increase your risk of hyperpigmentation - a condition when patches of your scar can become darkened. Try covering incisions with tape and your breasts with sunscreen in order to fully prevent sun exposure while at the pool or beach.It is still recommended to avoid direct sunlight and UVA and UVB rays. Scars take time to fully mature so avoiding any additional trauma to these areas is always best.
The decision to have breast augmentation surgery is a big one, and should be taken seriously and weighed carefully. If you’ve been considering surgery, plan for a cushion of several weeks in which to heal physically and adjust mentally to your new look.

Contact our office to discuss the best timing and options to achieve your goals for breast augmentation surgery. It might technically be winter right now, but beach weather will be here before you know it.


So if you want to look and feel your absolute best by summer? Meet with Dr. Devlin for a breast augmentation consultation. If you schedule your surgery soon, you’ll be able to enjoy your new curves in a sundress or bikini by summertime!


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