Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Makeovers By Michael A. Devlin, MD on March 12, 2015




How do I know if I am a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

Good candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery include women who are healthy, and at or near their ideal body weight. We recommend new moms wait at least 6 months after their last pregnancy, and 3 months after they have stopped breast feeding before having breast surgery. However, a consultation may occur at any time.

Why is it best to have these procedures at one time instead of individually?

The best reason to combine is to minimize recovery time. It’s not that you heal any faster; it’s that you only go through the healing process once. A tummy tuck, breast lift and breast implants each requires 7-10 days to comfortably get back to a desk job and longer for more physical work. And since we’re talking Moms here, it’s a physical job!

My children are still very young, should I still consider a Mommy Makeover now?

Yes! Although you make think you are busy now, wait until they are involved in all kinds of activities and you are going from soccer to baseball to dance. Young children do need Mommy more, so the recovery period requires some additional help from friends and family members. In addition, since you are young, you will have a tendency to heal faster and enjoy the full benefits of a mommy makeover for much longer.

How long does a complete Mommy Makeover take?

This will vary with the combination needed and your specific needs. All three together (implants, lift and tummy tuck) will take 5-6 hours of time in the operating room and another hour or so in the recovery room.

How long is the recovery period if I have all three procedures together?

Recovery is an individual process. In general you can expect the first week to be at home resting. The next two weeks you can walk for exercise, return to work and be primary caretaker for kids, although you are limited to lifting less than 10 pounds. After 6 weeks you are free to do anything.  

Will my scars from the Mommy Makeover be visible?

Yes, but they will be placed in a location that is hard to see in clothes.  Most moms swear they will again wear a bikini again yet, do so confidently after a mommy makeover.  Scars will typically be red or dark for several months but then fade to a very thin line.

What if I wait until my children are grown for a makeover?

There is not normal age for a makeover. If 50 is the new 40, what’s in a name? As long as you are healthy, looking good knows no boundaries!


While some women are anxious to begin the process of a Mommy Makeover shortly after giving birth, others wait until their children are older so they can devote the time necessary for a successful recovery. Since 2001, Dr. Devlin has helped thousands of moms gain a new lease on life, with more self-esteem and a greater satisfaction with their physical appearances.

If you want more information about the Mommy Makeover or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation contact us today.


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