Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age? By Michael A. Devlin, MD on May 15, 2015

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Believe it or not, hands display the very first signs of aging – often even sooner than the face. There is very little fat on the backs of the hands, so when even a small amount of collagen that  begins to break down, the result will be a noticeable "aged" appearance in the hands. 

The result is a wrinkly thin skin and a bony appearance. These are the obvious signs of aging on your hands.  Our hands go through the same aging process as our faces. Sun exposure causes skin damage. The loss of volume makes our tendons stick out and our hands look bony. 


If We Can Improve Our Faces, Why Not Our Hands

Brown spots on your hands can be improved. A topical lightening cream with hydroquinone will lighten the skin, but it can take a long time–weeks or even months. Chemical peels on the hands have also decreased the appearance as well. The skin is peeled and new cells form in the healing process, this helps to produce younger looking hands. Keep in mind, all methods to lighten brown spots share one limitation If you spend a lot of time in the sun, the brown spots will come back.  So if you want to get rid of age spots for good, an effective sunscreen is extremely important when going out in the sun.

Loss of subcutaneous fat causes the tendons and bones on your hands to become more visible.  We can replace that lost volume with fat transfer from a different area such as the stomach.  Dermal fillers, such as Sculptra, can also be used. Sculptra is unique because it continues to stimulate collagen growth after injections. The process for fillers typically on takes a few minutes.


Here Are Some Tips To Maintain Youthful Hands:

1. Use sunscreen: It's no secret that sun exposure is to blame for many signs of aging. If you are going to be spending any time in the sun, make sure to liberally use sunscreen on your hands, several times per day. Use a sunscreen that has a SPF of at least 50. This will help reduce the suns damaging effects such as wrinkling and age spots.

2. Use Moisturizer: Your hands are more exposed to the elements than any other part of your body and need the most moisturizing.The first line of defense against aging in your hands is to keep them moisturized.

3. Consult with your doctor:The first step in obtaining more youthful hands is to make a consultation. Why wait? Contact us today!

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Devlin Cosmetic Surgery: Michael Devlin, M.D.

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