Realistic Expectations and Plastic Surgery By Michael A. Devlin, MD on May 26, 2015



Having realistic expectations about what plastic surgery can do for you is one of the most important steps toward having a successful experience. 

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure is a voluntary and emotional decision. Unlike other types of surgeries, the decision to undergo plastic surgery is completely ELECTIVE, meaning there is no MEDICAL reason for the surgery.

For this reason, there are some people that mistakenly believe that since they are CHOOSING to proceed with the surgery, there will not be any complications. The fact is all surgery poses a certain amount of risks.

Some things in our lives are outside our control and, to a certain extent; cosmetic surgery is one of them. No plastic surgeon can guarantee a particular result.  Dr. Devlin will explain to you what results you can reasonably achieve. Factors such as age, health, skin tone, propensity for scarring all play a role in your final results. Yes, you can have an abdominoplasty, but it's not realistic to expect to wake up with the stomach of a teenager. A face lift may take 10 years off your looks, but you will continue to age at the same rate. A breast augmentation may make your breast fuller and larger but will not correct sagginess.

Being realistic means understanding that cosmetic surgery can improve, not perfect, your looks. It's unrealistic to believe that cosmetic surgery will change your life, although most of the time it does create more self-confidence. It's also unrealistic to expect surgery to provide perfection and complete symmetry (no two sides of the body are mirror images of themselves). Other unrealistic expectations are that there are no risks to the surgery or that recovery will not involve discomfort.

At Devlin Cosmetic Surgery you will be instructed on the risk and most common complications associated with the type of procedure you are requesting.  Because keeping you informed is so important, Dr. Devlin will first talk about the risks at your consultation.  You will be given a packet of information to take home with you that explains how to care for yourself after surgery as well as information on all risks invovled. One to two weeks before your scheduled surgery, you will have a preoperative appointment with Dr. Devlin.  At this time he will go into great depth explaining the risks and complications and all of your questions will be answered. 

So, how do you know if you have realistic expectations and are a good candidate for plastic surgery? The best candidates for cosmetic procedures are patients who already have good self-esteem, want to decrease the effects of aging, are undergoing surgery for themselves (not someone else) and are aware that the goal is for improvement of a particular area, not perfection. The patients that are the happiest after surgery are the one that went into the surgery with realistic expectations.

If those statements describe you, it may be time for you to undergo the cosmetic procedure you have had in mind. Dr. Devlin can help you make sure you are ready for surgery and chose the procedure that is right for you. Above all we want your experience with us to be a positive and uplifting one.  We believe patient education is a foundation to To learn more and make sure your plastic surgery expectations are realistic, contact us today for a consultation.


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