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Facelift surgery is an art form dedicated to correcting age-related imperfections of the neck, jawline, lower face and the cheeks. A facelift is the general term for a surgical procedure that works to restore a youthful appearance in these areas. 

When Dr. Michael Devlin performs a Facelift in Little Rock, Arkansas he educates his patients on all aspects of the procedure in which they are interested so that they can make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

Every surgical procedures poses at least some degree of risk, and patients must be careful by following aftercare recommendations to ensure the best results.


Facelift Recovery

Once facelift or necklift surgery is complete, we will wrap your head in supportive dressings; these dressings typically stay in place for less than 24 hours. Dr. Michael Devlin, does not use drains after a facelift surgery. In the immediate hours after surgery, we keep in close contact. Dr. Devlin will call you the night of surgery and we will see you back in our office the following morning. At this appointment, the dressings are removed and Dr. Devlin will check the incisions to ensure that they are healing properly. You may have mild swelling and bruising of your face and neck.  Once you leave our office you can go home and wash your hair. Most of our patient’s report that they have little to no pain after the bandages are removed. Over the next two weeks, we see you often to check on your progress. Stitches and staples will be removed during this time and any bruising you may have will be diminished. Over the next few weeks it is common to feel small hard areas, usually centered around your neck. This is a normal part of the healing process. To help ensure best results and minimize the risk of complication, we believe that education is a big key.


Facelift Revisions and Complications

Thanks to Dr. Devlin’s expertise in the field of facial cosmetic surgery, and his artistry in facelift surgery, the revision rate is extremely low. That being said, if Dr. Devlin does see something that could be improved upon, he will make minor touch-ups. Though a facelift may not be routine for you, it is for Dr. Devlin - take advantage of his expertise and that of his staff! We employ the latest techniques, take control of facelift surgery aftercare and recovery, and monitor patients at our Little Rock clinic to ensure healing and recovery is going as planned.

Though rare, complications can occur. Potential complications include visible scarring, hematomas, blood fluid collection (seroma), abnormal bruising, and facial nerve injury. Having an understanding of potential complications can help you make an informed decision regarding treatment. That being said, we can greatly mitigate the risk of complications occurring through quality care, experience, and the employment of modern, safe approaches.

Above all we value you, as a patient, and want to enable you to make informed decisions. We make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day.  If at any time before, during or after your procedure questions arise, we are here to assist you. 

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