Most Common Cosmetic Procedures for Women in Their 40's By Michael A. Devlin, MD on December 20, 2015

If you are in your 40’s and wondering if cosmetic surgery is right for you, here are a few things that Dr. Michael Devlin would like for you to consider:

Aging is something that affects everyone differently. This is because aging, and its effect on the appearance, is affected by a number of factors, including genetics, the environmental, and how well a person has taken care of their skin. It is common for most patients to begin noticing significant changes in appearance once they hit their 40s. It is often around this time that lines and wrinkles deepen, and the skin loosens and becomes more elastic. Having a cosmetic surgery procedure in your 40s allows the sign of aging to be addressed before your appearance is drastically affected.

The skin is more elastic in your 40's and will heal faster with better results than in later years. The goal is to gently turn back the clock and restore the face and body’s youthfulness. “Refreshed” is what most patients want.  Men and women who choose  lasers, chemical peels,  fat transfers, fillers and Botox in their 40’s may see many the benefit for years before the need for a more invasive surgery is needed .


Some women may experience a loss of volume in the breasts. Others develop skin laxity/stretching and drooping nipples, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition, some women experience a dramatic increase in breast size, if they have gained weight. To restore a youthful appearance to the breasts, Dr. Devlin may recommend a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery.


Aging changes the appearance of a person’s body.  Men and women alike find that it is much more difficult to stay in shape in their 40s. Liposuction can be performed to remove troublesome deposits of fat from the stomach, waist and thighs. If you have loose skin, which will not respond to diet or exercise, we can perform a skin tightening procedure such as tummy tuck, arm lift, or thigh lift. These body contouring treatments can help you achieve the fit and toned figure you desire.


Forty may be the new thirty when it comes to lifestyle choices, but when it comes to our faces; forty is when facial issues really begin to manifest themselves.


The eyes play an important part in showing expression. The skin around the eyes is so thin, that many people first notice these lines, wrinkles, and bags of skin around the eye area. Eyelid surgery, as called blepharoplasty, can effectively smooth the skin of the upper and lower eyelids to create a more youthful appearance.


The early to mid forties is a time that most people will begin to notice lines and creases that appear across the forehead. Many patients report that they are constantly asked if they are worried,tired, or stressed. A brow lift can reduce the wrinkles from the forehead, lift the brow line, which results in a more refreshed appearance.

Mini facelift: 

While many patients in their 40's do not have signs of aging that are drastic enough to call for a traditional facelift, many do have areas where sagging has begun to place a toll on their appearance. A mini facelift allows Dr. Devlin to target specific areas of the face in order to lift and smooth the skin and facial muscles where it is most needed.


When it comes to advanced aesthetic enhancement, Devlin Cosmetic Surgery treats patients of all ages. When it comes to choosing the “right” time for plastic surgery, patients should consider not just age, but how happy (or unhappy) they are with their appearance.

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