Earlobe Repair By Michael A. Devlin, MD on January 27, 2016

Ear Lobe Repair in Little Rock, Arkansas

One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures, but hardly discussed, is earlobe surgery.

This includes repair of torn earlobes and ear gauges.There are also growing social and cultural trends whereby the ear lobe is dilated with the use of larger and larger ear lobe gauges. Dr. Michael Devlin who is a Cosmetic Surgeon in Little Rock, Arkansas has seen an increase in patients searching for a procedure to reduce the holes that these gauges have produced.Individuals with ear lobe tears, or who simply wish to restore their lobes to a more natural appearance, are ideal candidates for ear lobe repair. 

Torn earlobes occur slowly, from years of wearing heavy, dangling earrings, or abruptly, from the trauma of a hairbrush or clothing caught in an earring, or a baby grabbing sparkling jewelry.Earlobe repair is a cosmetic surgery for revival of the torn ear lobe. The type of surgery to be performed depends on the condition and severity of the ear lobe tear. Depending upon the intensity of the tear, ear lobes tears are categorized as partial or complete tear or simple or complex.

Earlobe gauges can cause a significant defect in the lobe.  Patients who have worn larger and larger earlobe gauges, but are now entering the workplace, are rapidly seeking earlobe reconstruction. Dr Devlin is able to reconstruct gauged earlobes back to a normal appearance. There are several techniques of ear lobe repair to close these tears and improve the appearance of the injured ear.

Earlobe Repair

Repair of the earlobe is a simple plastic surgery procedure, performed in the office of Devlin Cosmetic Surgery in Little Rock Arkansas under local anesthesia, with very little discomfort. Tylenol is very effective for discomfort after the procedure. There will be stitches that must remain in the ear for 10-14 days. Patients can return to work immediately after the repair.  After the ear lobe is repaired, it can be pierced again.  However, Dr. Devlin will recommend waiting for a total of six weeks to make sure the ear is completely healed. Dr. Devlin prefers to perform this repeat piercing in the office and will discuss your options with you based on your preferences.

Now that you know more about cosmetic earlobe surgery than you thought possible, remember these tips that will help prevent the need for repair:

• Try to avoid heavy dangling earrings for the long term; save them for special occasions.
• Remove loop or dangling earrings when playing with a baby, or a feisty pet.
• Remove earrings before removing shirts overhead, or remove with care.
• Remove earrings before brushing your hair.
• Do not wear gauges or if you do wear only small ones.

Earlobe repair is a popular cosmetic procedure, both for patients that have suffered damage to their lobes and those that want to eliminate the large holes left by popular gauges. If this describes you or a person you may know, contact the office of Dr. Michael Devlin for your private consultation.  Remember there is help for your ears after gauges and in the case of an earlobe tear, you can wear those cute earrings again.

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Devlin Cosmetic Surgery: Michael Devlin, M.D.

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