Tips for Reviewing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos By Michael A. Devlin, MD on March 09, 2017

Was the first place you went to on our website was the photos gallery? You’re not alone. This is the first place most patients go when researching specific procedures.  Before and after pictures are great ways to assess the quality of a particular surgeons work. Before and after photos tell the story better than anything else but you have to know what you are looking at. The photo gallery will help you visualize the potential results of your desired cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are looking at before and after pictures of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures.

1. Look For a Large Photo Gallery

Quantity does not always equal quality but if there are very few pictures in a doctor’s gallery then the chances are they do not have many successful results to show. The photo gallery is the masterpiece for a surgeon's best work and they should want to show that off. I proudly display one of the largest before and after gallery in the state of Arkansas.

2. Look For Consistency

For example, when looking at tummy tuck pictures, is the scar placement always the same or do some of them look crooked and high? Are the belly buttons natural looking or do some look off center or small or unnatural? Pay attention to the detail in the pictures. Make sure before and after pictures are taken in the same lighting and at the same angle. This is particularly important when looking at face and neck procedures. If the chin is pointing down in the before picture and up in the after picture this will automatically give a more dramatic result. In my gallery, I pride myself in showing consistent results. All of my breast and body pictures are taken approximately 3 months after surgery

 3. Look For Recent Pictures

Having a large photo gallery is good; however, make sure the pictures that you are looking at are actually current. For example, look at hairstyles, clothing and makeup. A few “older” pictures thrown in here or there is not a problem but if they all look old, then it may mean the doctor is not performing those particular procedures or getting as good as results any longer. Most of my photos in my gallery are taken within the last two years. I place new photos in my gallery monthly.  While I may have a few of the “older” pictures, this is typically because the results are particularly good and it holds special meaning for me.

 4. Look For the Same Body Type ae Yourself

In my photo gallery, I include the height and weight of my patients that have undergo a body cosmetic surgery procedure. When looking at abdominoplasty pictures, look at the pictures of a person with a similar body build as you. The same goes for a breast surgery.  It is important to look for a before picture of someone with a similar weight and bra size as you.This will give you a better idea of what look you can realistically achieve. I have many patients that come with a picture,often of a model, and request that I make them look like the photograph. Often their expectations are unrealistic as they fail to understand the that the end result depends largely on where they are starting. I take the time to review the photos patients bring in, and if needed, point them to a before and after photo of someone who is similar to where they are starting so they can more accurately envision what a particular surgery may do for them.

Now that you have a better idea of how to look at before and after pictures try out these tips for yourself. Click here to view my photo gallery. I think you will find that I have the quality, quantity and consistency that you are looking for. 

Dr. Michael Devlin


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