Reasons for Increasing Popularity in Labiaplasty Surgery By Michael A. Devlin, MD on November 08, 2017

Statistics on Labiaplasty have been collected since 2015 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The 2016 ASPS statistics report showed that labiaplasty is more popular than ever, with over 12,000 procedures performed last year (a 39% increase).

What is Labiaplasty? Why are more women seeking this procedure?

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure sought for cosmetic and functional reasons. During your consultation with Dr. Michael Devlin, he carefully reviews your reasons for wanting this procedure and wants to know your specific goals, since there is no “normal” when it comes to the size and shape of the labia. 

Labiaplasty trims excess labia minora tissue that can be troublesome for women. While having long or multiple folds of labia minora is normal and natural, some women can feel self-conscious about their labia peeking out underwear or swim suits. Women may feel physical discomfort when wearing yoga pants, during sexual intercourse or even riding a bicycle. Removal of excess labia tissue allows the inner lips of the vagina (known as the "labia minora") to sit tucked up neatly within the outer lips (the "labia majora"). Unlike what you may have heard in the media, most of our patients are not looking for a “designer vagina”. Quite the opposite, they just want to feel more comfortable in intimate situations, in the dressing rooms of health clubs, and in form fitting clothing.

Is Labiaplasty painful?

Although this part of the female body is indeed sensitive and delicate, labiaplasty recovery is actually fairly easy, if you follow all aftercare instructions properly.  Pain medication is required for a few days. Dr. Devlin recommends a week off of work with very limited activity. Take this time to pamper yourself and relax. The more that you can limit your activity the first week, the better the second week will be. Minor spotting can be expected and bruising and swelling resolves over days to weeks. All stitches are dissolvable after a few weeks. Tub baths are not recommended as this can dissolve the stitches prematurely.

Does Labiaplasty need to be redone after having children or with age? Does it affect sexual function or sensation?

Labiaplasty results persist over time. Surgery does not need to be redone with age, time, child-bearing or menopause. Surgery will not change a woman's ability to become sexually aroused or achieve orgasm. Although some pain during intercourse after the surgery is completely normal and should resolve over time. Labiaplasty results are natural, and women benefit from increased comfort in addition to an improved aesthetic appearance after surgery. This is one reason why women are so happy with their results, and the popularity of labiaplasty is increasing. In Dr. Devlin’s practice, we have been surprised to hear that Labiaplasty has the highest satisfaction rate out of any procedure performed.

Who Is Requesting Labiaplasty?

Most labiaplasty requests are coming from two different groups of women. The first is the younger women, aged 18-30. These women often state that their labia have bothered them since puberty. They come to our office and say that they often feel embarrassed to change in front of their peers. They state that for as long as they can remember they have always felt different and self-conscious.

The second group of women most likely to request labiaplasty is the 30-50 age group. The complaints that are often heard are that the look and appearance of the labia have changed since childbirth or with hormonal changes due to menopause. Almost always we hear that certain clothing and swimsuits are a source of embarrassment for them. Some of the most common complaints from our patients are listed here:

  • have long labia or multiple folds of labial tissue
  • find that their labia slip out of underwear
  • feel discomfort or pain while playing sports or exercising
  • develop chafing or rashes
  • are self-conscious wearing yoga pants or other tight-fitting pants
  • have low confidence in intimate situations
  • find sex uncomfortable
  • find bicycle riding unbearable
  • experience soreness or blisters in the genital area
  • are ashamed or embarrassed because of their physical appearance

Schedule a Labiaplasty Consultation

If enlarged labia are causing you to feel ashamed, embarrassed or uncomfortable, Dr. Michael Devlin can help. Schedule a consultation to discuss labiaplasty with him by calling 501-227-8811 or filling out the request below. Our consultations are very private as we strive to make this a comfortable experience for our patients. 

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