Tummy Tuck after Massive Weight Loss By Michael A. Devlin, MD on June 30, 2020

before and after photos of tummy tuck procedureLosing a significant amount of weight can do wonders for your overall health and quality of life. Unfortunately, massive weight loss can result in loose, sagging skin. One of the most common places for this to occur is the abdomen. A tummy tuck procedure, or abdominoplasty, can be performed to eliminate excess skin, tighten damaged muscles, and contour the midsection.

Dr. Michael A. Devlin performs this procedure at our Little Rock, AR, practice. Here, we discuss the benefits and risks of a tummy tuck after massive weight loss so patients from Conway, AR, Hot Springs, AR, and nearby areas can be well-informed and prepared for treatment.

Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Weight gain has a direct impact on the skin’s elasticity. As we put on weight, the skin stretches and the abdominal muscles weaken. The muscles can actually become separated due to increased fat in the midsection.

When weight loss occurs, the amount of fat in the body is reduced. If a significant amount of weight is lost, then the skin may remain stretched and sagging. This can result in excess tissue that hangs over the abdomen. 

Is a Tummy Tuck Right for Me?

If you have recently lost a significant amount of weight, you may want to consider a tummy tuck procedure. Abdominoplasty is also beneficial for women who have undergone pregnancy and want to return to their “pre-baby bodies.” 

Losing weight can improve your life and boost your confidence. But if you have excess, sagging skin, your weight loss journey may not be quite as fulfilling. A tummy tuck can effectively address these issues so patients can regain their self-esteem and wear the clothes they want to wear.

Whether you have lost weight naturally or with bariatric surgery, a tummy tuck could be a solution for you. Dr. Devlin is dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality, compassionate care. During your consultation, he will sit down with you to discuss your concerns and design a treatment plan to address your unique needs.

Panniculectomy vs. Tummy Tuck

The terms “tummy tuck” and “panniculectomy” are often used interchangeably. However, there are significant differences between the two procedures. An abdominoplasty tightens muscles and removes excess skin around the abdomen. A panniculectomy eliminates a pannus – or, a flap of skin that hangs down over the abdomen or thighs. 

Oftentimes, individuals require a panniculectomy when the pannus has a negative impact on mobility. In some cases, this excess skin can lead to chafing and skin infections. If you need a panniculectomy, Dr. Devlin can perform that procedure as well.

Combining a Tummy Tuck with Other Procedures

Sometimes, patients decide to combine abdominoplasty with other procedures, such as an arm lift, butt lift, or even a full body lift. Because every case is unique, each treatment plan is tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Combining two or more procedures can deliver truly comprehensive results.

Learn More about Tummy Tuck Surgery

Have you lost a substantial amount of weight? Do you have excess, sagging skin as a result? Find out what a tummy tuck can do for you. To learn more about abdominoplasty or any of our other cosmetic surgery procedures, schedule a consultation at our plastic surgery practice. Call us at (501) 227-8811 or contact us online anytime.

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