Enhance Your Contours with Breast Augmentation Starting at $3,700

Small breasts can affect the proportions of your body, make you feel less feminine, and cause you to worry about your appearance.

Breast augmentation by Dr. Michael Devlin in Little Rock, AR, can help you achieve the bustline you have always wanted. It can also boost your self-confidence.

What can breast augmentation do for me?

How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon


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Achieve Natural-Looking Results. Dr. Michael Devlin is considered one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Little Rock.

Dr. Michael Devlin is considered one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Little Rock. Having performed over a thousand of breast augmentations and other breast procedures, Dr. Devlin has developed an artistic eye that sets him apart from his peers. His vast experience has given him the necessary skill to achieve beautiful surgery results with a minimum amount of downtime.

He also performs breast implant revision surgery for patients who are unhappy with results from other surgeons, or who need to have their implants replaced.

Breast Implant Placement

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Customize Your Procedure during a Consultation

One of the most important parts of your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Michel Devlin is to communicate your goals and expectations clearly so that he can best help you achieve them. It is completely normal and okay to not be sure about what size you would like to be. During your consultation you will meet with one of our surgery consultants, who will guide you through every step of your breast augmentation experience. During your consultation, you will have the chance to try on different implants, and get a sense of what breast implant best gives you the enhanced look you desire.

Breast Implant Types

Dr. Michael Devlin utilizes both saline and silicone gel implants for breast augmentation. The main difference between the two is what the breast implant is filled with. A saline implant is filled with what the name implies, sterile saline. A silicone implant is comprised of a semi-solid cohesive silicone gel. Silicone gel is thicker than sterile saline, so most people believe that a silicone implant will feel more like natural breasts than a saline implant.

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Breast implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as textures or smooth surfaces, They come in anatomic and round shapes, Moderate Profile, Moderate Plus Profile, High Profile and Ultra High Profile and with so many options, it can be confusing for most patients. That is why it is important to discuss your goals during your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Michael Devlin. 

Breast Augmentation Procedures

Dr. Michael Devlin uses multiple techniques for breast augmentation, depending on the patient's desire and anatomy. He utilizes the inframammary (the crease), periareolar (around the nipple) and the TUBA (transumbilical) approaches. For a breast augmentation using the inframammary approach, Dr. Devlin will make an incision in the breast fold to place your implants. With the periareolar approach, He will create the incision around the bottom half of the areola and insert the implants through the areola. Dr. Michael Devlin is one of the few breast implant surgeons in the country who performs TUBA. With the TUBA approach, which creates a tiny incision is made in the top fold of the belly button. Dr. Devlin can then place the implants underneath the muscle (sub-muscular) or over the muscle (subglandular) through a tunnel created starting in the belly button.

Combining Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

If you want to improve both the size and position of your breasts, a breast lift may be recommended and can often be performed at the same time as the breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Michael Devlin considers the potential risks and benefits of the various breast augmentation techniques as well as your specific goals when formulating a customized treatment plan. 

Breast Augmentation Recovery and Aftercare

A woman's chest is wrapped in a recovery bra after breast augmentation iLittle RockDr. Michael Devlin utilizes the Rapid Recovery Technique for his breast augmentation patients. Many of Dr. Devlin's breast augmentation patients report that they do not experience significant discomfort, and are able to resume their normal activities quickly. In most cases, women choosing breast augmentation can be back to work within a few days following their breast augmentation. However, strenuous activity should be avoided for at least two weeks so your breasts can heal properly.

After breast augmentation, the scars may appear dark pink and firm for several months. They most always fade and become very light after the first year after surgery although they will not completely disappear. 

Potential Risks of Breast Implant Surgery

One of the more common complications following breast augmentation is called capsular contracture, which occurs when the capsule or scar tissue around a breast implant tightens, causing a woman’s breast to feel abnormally hard. The condition is treatable. Excessive bleeding or infection are other infrequent but possible complications. In addition, implant malposition is a more common complication that may require additional surgery to correct. Potential risks and complications of breast augmentation will be explained at length with you during your consultation and pre-operative appointment. Dr. Michael Devlin will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost In Little Rock?

How much does breast augmentation cost in Little Rock, AR? The cost for breast implants in Little Rock starts at $4,800 for saline breast implants and $5,800 for silicone breast implants, all costs included. The cost for breast augmentation in Little Rock includes surgeons fee, breast implant cost, surgery center cost and anesthesia fee, as well as follow up care for breast implant surgery. During your consultation, you will be given a detailed quote of all fees associated with breast augmentation (breast implant surgery) and provided with different payment options. When choosing a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, patients should consider the expertise and experience of the doctor just as much as the treatment cost. Having performed several thousand breast procedures for over 18 years, Dr. Michael Devlin has the skill and talent needed to provide you with an excellent breast implant experience and beautiful results. 

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Mommy Makeover Little Rock

Dr. Michael Devlin also specializes in Mommy Makeover Surgery in Little Rock, AR.  A Mommy Makeover is a a combination of several plastic surgery procedures designed to restore the look of a woman's body to what she had before pregnancy. The procedures commonly combined include abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation and liposuction. The Mommy Makeover has quickly become one of  Dr. Devlin’s most popular plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures. Another increasingly requested procedure included in a Mommy Makeover is labiaplasty. Labiaplasty surgery is for women who have stretched, enlarged, or asymmetrical labia due to childbirth, hormonal changes, and laxity associated with aging. Dr. Michael Devlin has one of the most extensive collection of Mommy Makeover before and after photos in Little Rock Arkansas.

Video: Fully Personalized Breast Augmentation in Little Rock, AR

Dr. Michael Devlin talks about his focus on consultations when he meets with patients about breast augmentation in Little Rock, AR. He listens to his patients' goals, and makes recommendations pertaining to cup size, shape, the type of breast implant, implants placement, and whether a breast lift may also be needed. It is important for patients to be properly educated and informed so they can make appropriate decisions about their treatment. Dr. Michael Devlin will typically spend over an hour with his breast augmentation / breast implant consultations so that he can educate you and develop the appropriate treatment plan in order for you to better achieve you aesthetic goals.


Dr. Devlin Breast Implants in Little Rock

Why Choose Dr. Michael Devlin for Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Michael Devlin has been performing breast augmentation and breast implant surgery since 2001 and has lectured nationally on the subject of breast augmentation and breast implant surgery. Dr. Devlin was also the first breast implant surgeon in Arkansas to offer trans-umbilical breast augmentation (TUBA), an innovative procedure with a fast recovery time and minimal scarring. Dr. Michael Devlin has one of the most extensive breast augmentation (breast implant) before and after photos galleries in Arkansas, which allows you to see the beautiful results he can achieve. Finally, or a limited time until March 31st, the cost of breast augmentation in Little Rock starts at $4800 for saline implants and  $5800 for silicone breast implants, all costs including surgeons fees, surgery center and anesthesia are included. The cost of breast augmentation by Dr. Michael Devlin is much lower than the national average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Difference between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants?

In one word: yes. The main difference between saline and silicone is what the implants are made out of. Saline implants are filled with what the name implies, saline. Silicone implants are made of a semi-solid gel. Silicone is thicker than saline so most people believe that silicone implants feel more natural than saline implants.

Pros and Cons of Saline Breast Implants 


  • Lower cost
  • Smaller incision
  • Easier leak detection


  • Less natural feel
  • Tendency to ripple 

Pros and Cons of Silicone/Gel Breast Implants


  • Feel softer and more natural
  • Have less rippling
  • Better choice for thinner women with little breast tissue
  • Greater variety of styles


  • Are more expensive
  • Require slightly larger incision
  • Greater difficulty in detecting rupture

How Long is the Recovery Time for Breast Implant Surgery?

The typical recovery time for breast augmentation is 3-4 days, or a long weekend.  The recovery period also depends on the placement of the implants, which is either submuscular or subglandular. For implants that are placed underneath the muscle, a pain pump may be used. This pain pump infuses numbing medication (Marcaine) for 24 hours after surgery. This allows for an easier recovery period. Please keep in mind that it can take up to six weeks for the implants to settle into position. 

What Size of Breast Implant Is Right for Me?

One of the hardest decisions to make about breast implants is size. This causes most women a lot of anxiety. During your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Michael Devlin and his dedicated staff spend a considerable amount of time with you. They will discuss your goals, what you would like your breast to look like, and how much larger you would like to be. 

Dr. Michael Devlin uses several methods to help with your understanding of sizing. One of the easiest ways is to look at before and after pictures of breast implant patients with a body type similar to yours. While your implants size may not match theirs, the pictures allow Dr. Devlin to know what size range and look you like. He provides time to let you try on different sizes of implants in your clothing. 

Breast Augmentation in Little Rock

woman in black bra after breast augmentation in Little Rock, AR
Dr. Michael Devlin will take time to help you choose the right breast implants for you.

How Do I Choose the Right Breast Implant Surgeon?

You have many choices when it comes to breast augmentation surgeons. Dr. Michael Devlin has over 18 years of experience with breast implant surgery. In addition, Dr. Devlin has lectured nationally on the subject of breast augmentation. He is the first and only breast implant surgeon in Arkansas to offer the T.U.B.A. procedure (transumbilical breast augmentation). He has served as a clinical investigator for both Mentor and Allergan silicone gel implant studies. Dr. Michael Devlin is considered one of the best breast implant surgeons in Arkansas due to his compassionate care and artistic surgical skills.

Will I Lose Sensation in My Nipples?

Nipple sensation is mostly supplied by the fourth intercostal nerve that runs from the side of the chest to the nipple. This nerve can become irritated during surgery. It is very rare to entirely lose nipple sensation. More commonly, we see more women that become hypersensitive for a few weeks after surgery.

When Can I Resume Exercising After Breast Augmentation?

We ask that you avoid upper body activities for approximately two weeks. If your implants are placed below the muscle, you may find that when you resume weights, you will not be able to begin where you left off. Once you do resume your workouts, it is important to wear a good sports bra.

Where Is the Best Place for Incisions for Breast Implants?

If there is any possibility that you will need a breast lift in the future, Dr. Michael Devlin will always recommend placing the incision in the inframammary crease. This is the crease underneath your breast. This will allow for breast lift in the future by preserving a major blood supply to the nipple. He may recommend the inframammary incision if you have small nipples. Otherwise, the areolar approach (around the nipple) is an excellent choice for those who do not or may not need a breast lift. Incisions fade over time and most scars are hardly noticeable after one year.

How Much Swelling Can I Expect With Breast Augmentation?

Don't worry! There is a lot of swelling that takes place after the surgery. Your implants will most likely sit high on the chest. Over the next few weeks, this swelling will slowly fade and the implants will settle into their natural position. It is not uncommon for the breast to settle at different rates. 

How Soon after Breast Implant Surgery Can I Tan?

Dr. Michael Devlin will ask that you avoid sun exposure (this includes tanning beds) to the incision site for 6-12 months. When the incisions are exposed to sunlight, it can become "hyperpigmented," meaning the scars can become darker or more red. If you do decide to tan, we recommend covering your incisions with bandages to help prevent this from occurring.

How Do I Know Which Bra Size to Purchase?

Your band size will not change after breast implant surgery. However, your cup size will. If your incision is placed in the inframammary crease, Dr. Devlin recommends that you do not wear an underwire bra for the first six weeks. During your consultation, Dr. Devlin will measure you and have you try on our bras. Please remember that different brands of bras will fit differently. It is also important to try the bra on before you purchase it. Try not to get too focused on a bra size. It is more important to find an implant that you like in your clothing and then purchase a bra that fits.

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Dr. Michael Devlin and his team are committed to helping you achieve your plastic surgery goals while providing you with friendly, personalized care. To find out if breast augmentation is right for you, contact our Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery office today.

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