Sculptra® is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve facial volume. This filler contains Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA), a medical-grade synthetic substance that does not require any allergy testing prior to treatment like other injectable products. Dr. Michael Devlin offers Sculptra® facial injections at his Little Rock, AR, practice to restore skin structure and rejuvenate your appearance. 

How Does it Work?

Sculptra® treatments contain PLLA suspended in a sterile saline solution. This substance is naturally absorbed by the body. Unlike other dermal fillers, Sculptra® is not an animal- or protein-based product, and should not cause any allergic reactions. Once injected, Sculptra® is absorbed by the body and can stimulate the production of new collagen to restore the structure of skin, rather than temporarily supplement it. Collagen production occurs gradually during multiple treatments, and can take several weeks to see final results.


Most patients who are age 18 and older with deep lines or wrinkles may be candidates for Sculptra® treatments. Patients suffering from “facial wasting” or loss of facial fat may also be candidates for treatment, including patients whose lipoatrophy is the result of HIV or AIDS. Sculptra® can improve facial volume and reduce the appearance of hollow or sunken eyes and cheeks, and the loss of definition in the lips. Patients must be healthy enough for treatment and should be free of any rashes or infections. If Sulptra® cannot help you achieve the look you desire, we may recommend other facial procedures.

What to Expect

During your treatment, Dr. Devlin will mark the specified injection sites on your face. A topical anesthetic can be applied to help diminish any sensitivity or discomfort. The solution is then injected beneath the skin through a small-needled syringe. Dr. Devlin will massage the treatment areas to ensure the Sculptra® solution is evenly distributed. 

Unlike other treatments that fill areas of the face, Sculptra® encourages collagen growth for a rebuilt framework for stronger skin. This rebuilding process can give patients results that can last years instead of months.

Most patients will require multiple Sculptra® treatments to achieve desired results, usually about three treatments over a period of three to four months. Patients with moderate to severe lipoatrophy may require additional treatments. Sculptra® is injected in smaller amounts at a time to reduce the risk of over-correction. The treatment process can take several weeks, but the results can last for up to two years, far longer than many other dermal fillers.

Risks and Benefits of Sculptra®

Sculptra® side effects are minimal, but may include redness, swelling, or sensitivity at the site of the injection. These effects should subside within a couple days. Sculptra® is a safe injection treatment, and because it is composed of medical-grade, synthetic materials, there is no need for any allergy tests prior to treatment. Unlike other non-surgical treatments that fill areas of the face, Sculptra® encourages collagen growth for a rebuilt framework for stronger skin. This rebuilding process can give patients results that can last years instead of months. 

Restore Your Facial Volume

Sculptra® is a great non-surgical and long lasting cosmetic treatment option that can address a variety of issues such as lipoatrophy and deep lines or wrinkles. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Devlin.

Plastic surgeon Michael Devlin, M.D.

Devlin Cosmetic Surgery: Michael Devlin, M.D.

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