Dramatic Results with a Minimally Invasive Liquid Facelift

Many of our patients want to take years off of their appearance, but are hesitant to undergo facelift surgery. Dr. Michael Devlin provides patients with a non-surgical alternative that reverses the effects of aging in a quick and simple procedure: the liquid facelift. Our Little Rock, Arkansas cosmetic surgery practice offers patients the opportunity to combine injectable treatments like dermal fillers to create a customized, minimally invasive procedure with several anti-aging benefits. If you are concerned with signs of aging and would like to learn more about the liquid facelift procedure, please contact our office to make an appointment with Dr. Devlin. 

Liquid Facelift

Dr. Michael Devlin goes on a news program to discuss a liquid facelift procedure. A liquid facelift is a non-surgical option for restoring a more youthful appearance. 

Customized Enhancements

When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Devlin will discuss your concerns and cosmetic goals with you. Your liquid facelift procedure will combine whichever injectable treatments are best to help you achieve those goals. Additional considerations, including your budget, will also be taken into consideration. 

Commonly Combined Treatments

Dr. Devlin is one of the few physicians who personally performs these plastic surgery procedures in Little Rock or in the entire state of Arkansas. A typical liquid facelift includes one or more injectable, such as:

  • Restylane® is an injectable filler that is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It may also be recommended to create or restore volume in the face or lips. The results will be noticeable right away and typically last up to six months.
  • Perlane® is a dermal filler that is similar to Restylane, but designed to treat deeper or more severe facial wrinkles and lines. 
  • RADIESSE® is dermal filler reduces the appearance of wrinkles by encouraging the formation of collagen at the injection site. The result is a natural increase in the elasticity of your skin. Results from RADIESSE can last for up to two years.

Dr. Devlin personally administers injectables for the safest treatment and most natural-looking results.

  • Sculptra® is a lactic acid-based injectable that can treat wrinkles and add facial volume. Results will be noticeable within a few days following treatment and can last for up to two years. VOLUMA: Another popular injectable treatment. 
  • VOLUMA® can be used to treat wrinkles and add facial volume. VOLUMA is made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally within the body so there is no concern of allergic reactions. Results are apparent within a few days of treatment and can last up to 2 years. 
  • SELPHYL® System works by mixing a small amount of platelets from your blood with the filler and injecting the solution. By promoting healing, the treatment option harnesses unique benefits that reduce facial wrinkles and produce a more youthful appearance.
  • Fat Grafting is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure. The results are the longest lasting option for facial filling and facial sculpting. Dr. Devlin gently harvests fat from areas such as the abdomen and then transfers the fat to various areas of the face to achieve a liquid facelift.

Dramatic Results without Surgery

Devlin Cosmetic Surgery patient before and after a liquid facelift

Personalized Treatment from a Skilled Physician

Dr. Devlin personally administers injectables by inserting a tiny needle into the treatment area. The recovery process for all of our injectables is minimal, with very little chance of any complications. Dr. Devlin believes that it is important for a physician who has great understanding of facial anatomy and function to administer fillers.

Schedule a Consultation

You can learn more about the liquid facelift procedure and your candidacy during an appointment. Contact our office online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Devlin today.

Plastic surgeon Michael Devlin, M.D.

Devlin Cosmetic Surgery: Michael Devlin, M.D.

Dr. Devlin is a cosmetic surgeon who provides each of his patients with personalized care and a compassionate approach. He offers a range of procedures in an environment where patients feel safe, comfortable, and heard. He is affiliated with organizations such as the:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (Fellow)
  • American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery
  • American Medical Association
  • Arkansas Medical Society
  • Pulaski County Medical Society

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