Am I ready for a Facelift? By Michael A. Devlin, MD on September 11, 2015


Do you find yourself looking in the mirror wondering who is the person staring back at you? Do you feel younger than you look? If the answer to these questions is yes, chances you are ready for a Facelift. At Devlin Cosmetic Surgery, Facelift surgery is in high demand because it is talked about more often in the media these days. Typically, I see patients in their late 40"s and aerly 50's asking this question.

Sometimes, fat grafting to the face or dermal fillers can prolong the need for surgical correction by a couple of years. A lot of my younger patients do try these conservative treatments first, mainly because they are not ready for such a big step. I would say the average age of my Facelift patients is 55; however, my youngest has been 35 and my oldest patient was 94 years old!!!

Lifestyle, sun exposure, skin elasticity, smoking and genetic factors all play a role in how you age.

When is the normal age for a Facelift ?

There is no Normal. With all of this being said, there is a difference between having a facelift earlier rather than later. Younger patients are usually healthier.  This allows for a much easier recovery and less risk of complications.  The problems of the face are easier to treat at a younger age which plays a part in how long the results last.  Older patients, in their seventies and beyond, can still enjoy the benefits of a facelift and are very pleased with the results.  It is important to note that as we age your skin becomes less elastic, making it harder to achieve subtle looking results.

I understand that it can take a lot of courage to come in and see me regarding a facelift.  You have probably seen media coverage and celebrities that have an “overdone” appearance, so you have every right to be nervous.  A good facelift should look so natural that no one knows you’ve had one.  No one wants to look unnatural.  If someone says “Great facelift, who did it?” This is not a compliment to me. I want others to realize that you look good, but they don’t know why, or what is different. Some of the comments that I hear my patients get are, “You look rested, have you been on vacation?” Or, “Have you done something different with your hair?” Or the best yet, “Have you gotten new makeup? I like it.  Your skin looks really good.”

To get to this point, we have to communicate with each other. You need to let me know what bothers YOU. Then I need to let you know what your options are: what surgery will and will not do, what the recovery period looks like, what kind of discomfort you will have,  the risks, complications; the expense; and the benefit we can expect to achieve. Together, you and I will review these options and this is how we achieve an individualized tailored treatment plan just for you. There is no all purpose facelift, just like there is no “one size fits all”. Let me help you in correcting what bothers you the most. 

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