Six Most Common Mommy Makeover Questions By Michael A. Devlin, MD on March 07, 2016


Dr. Michael Devlin Answers Your Mommy Makeover Questions

1. Who is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Good candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery include individuals who are healthy, in good physical shape, and at their ideal body weight (or a stable weight following major weight loss).

Dr. Michael Devlin recommends most moms wait at least 3 months after they have stopped breast feeding before having breast surgery and 3 months after their last pregnancy before undergoing a tummy tuck. However, a consultation may occur at any time. We encourage any woman who is interested in learning more about her options to come in for a consultation, including a complete history and physical examination to learn more and to determine which procedure or combination of procedures will best meet your goals.

2. Where Can I See Before and After Photos of Mommy Makeovers ?

Dr. Devlin has the most extensive mommy makeover photo gallery out of all surgeons in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. His results are dramatic and life changing for his patient’s. Please click here to see before and after Mommy Makeover results for yourself! As you will see we have provided you with the height/weight, age, bra size and type of implant used where applicable. When looking at before and after photos, look at patients with the same or similar build as your own. This will help you in visualizing your own potential.

3. When Is the Best Time to Have a Mommy Makeover ?

Anytime is good time is good time for a mommy makeover, as long as it has been at 3 months since the birth of your last child. This allows your body the chance to recover as much as possible on its own with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

If you are considering having additional children (or are currently pregnant), you can still come in for an educational consultation at any time to learn more and plan for the future! You will be asked to return to the office for a second time once your body has completed its post-partum changes so that we can reevaluate your goals and our corresponding plan for surgery.

Some of our patient’s choose to wait until their children are grown before undergoing a mommy makeover. Others choose to undergo the mommy makeover transformation very soon after their last child. The choice is very individualized and the answer to “when is the best time” is anytime!

 4. How Do I Know Whether a Mommy Makeover Procedure is Right For Me ?

Healthy women with no underlying health issues are the ideal candidates for mommy makeovers. Patients must also be non smokers.

At your initial Mommy Makeover consultation with Dr. Michael Devlin, a complete medical and surgical history will be taken. He and his staff, specifically Christy and Lesli, will spend a great deal of time with you to get to know you personally including your goals and desires. Dr Devlin will exam your breasts, stomach and other areas of concern at this appointment. Mommy Makeovers do include some type of breast procedure. Some patients only require breast augmentation alone while others may need a breast lift along with breast augmentation to achieve their desired look. Dr. Devlin will give you his honest opinion on what your best options will be.

5. How Much Time Will I Need For Recovery After A Mommy Makeover ?

Planning is very important to ensure a smooth recovery after a Mommy Makeover. In the early postoperative period, 3-4 days after surgery, you will need to help around the house. This is especially true if you have young children. You will need help lifting and doing every day household chores. You may resume driving again as soon as you are no longer taking pain medications. This is typically is around 3-4 days after your mommy makeover. After 7-10 days you may feel as if you are almost “back to normal” but Dr. Devlin does advise that you restrain from working out strenuously for at least 6 weeks.

6.What is the Mommy Makeover Cost in Little Rock Arkansas ? 

Costs for Mommy Makeovers are dependent upon the combination of procedures you need. At your consultation you will be given a quote along with all associated fees. The quote will be explained at length with you and you will be given the chance to review financing options as well. Generally speaking Mommy Makeovers in Little Rock, Arkansas can range from $10,000-$13,000

If you would like more information about Mommy Makeovers, or if you would like to schedule your private consultation,

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