Best Bra Options after Breast Augmentation By Michael A. Devlin, MD on August 13, 2019

Woman with full breastsBreast augmentation increases the size of the breasts, giving women with a naturally smaller bustline the ability to enjoy the curves they have always desired. After breast augmentation with Dr. Michael A. Devlin, the size, shape, and weight of the breasts will be different, so patients will need to shop for new bras.

When selecting bras, it is important that our Little Rock, AR, patients choose garments that will promote surgical healing, support the breasts, and fit properly. Here, we discuss some of the key factors to consider when choosing the best bra options after breast augmentation.

Promote Healing

When patients are selecting a bra after breast augmentation, it is important that they choose one that will promote their surgical recovery. Patients may go through several different types of undergarments while the breasts heal.

  • Initial recovery: During the initial recovery phase, support is especially important. Patients will be provided with a compression garment that should be worn during this time. The compression garment will support the breasts, reduce swelling, and allow incisions to heal without irritation.
  • Continual healing: Within four to six weeks, patients should be able to stop using their compression garment. However, support will continue to be vital to the healing process. During this stage of recovery, patients should select a sports bra that is comfortable and easy to pull on and off. Incisions will still be healing, so it is important that our Little Rock patients select bras that do not contain underwire.
  • Post-recovery: After the breasts heal completely, patients can choose any bra of their liking. We suggest that patients choose one that continues to provide support and comfort.

Support the Breasts

After a patient has recovered from breast augmentation, the breasts will have settled into their new shape and position. With implants in place, the breasts should sit high on the chest wall. Although the breasts are unlikely to sag or droop after breast augmentation, they still require support.

Patients should choose a bra that supports the weight of the breasts and holds them in the correct position. By selecting a well-fit and supportive bra, patients can prevent implants from dropping down within the breast pocket.

Choose the Right Fit

The fit of a bra is very important. A well-fitted bra will not only look better, but it will also provide better support and comfort. After breast augmentation, bra size is likely to change significantly. Our Little Rock patients may even require different bra sizes throughout the recovery process, so we recommend a professional fitting once healing is complete.

After recovery is complete and the new bra size is stable, patients are free to select any type of bra they desire, as long as it provides ample support.

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The right bra can truly enhance the results of breast augmentation. If you would like more tips on choosing the best bra after augmentation, or if you have questions about breast implant treatment, send us a message to learn more. You can also schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Michael A. Devlin by calling (501) 227-8811.

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