Top Male Breast Reduction Benefits By Michael A. Devlin, MD on September 23, 2021

Graphic representation of male breast reduction before and after imagesGynecomastia refers to excess breast tissue in men and it can be caused by a range of factors, from a hormone imbalance to genetics. Lifestyle changes are often unable to help. Male breast reduction is the solution many men with gynecomastia are looking for. The benefits of male breast reduction go far beyond an improved appearance, though. 

Devlin Cosmetic Surgery offers male breast reduction to patients in and around Little Rock, AR. We help our patients reach their cosmetic goals, regain self-confidence, and live their healthiest life.

Physical Health Benefits

As essential as your body image is to how you see yourself as a person, there’s more at stake for your overall well-being. Take a look at the top practical benefits of male breast reduction surgery. 

Promotes Better Posture

We’ve all seen an older person with a hunchback and wondered how it happened. Poor posture is a catch-all answer, and it’s true, but what’s the reason for stooped posture?

In the case of a man with a heavier chest, the back muscles and spine are not strong enough to support the upper trunk. A breast reduction may have provided the relief the man needed to sit and stand straighter, avoiding a hunched back later in life.

Encourages a More Active Lifestyle

Our culture encourages men to go shirtless, especially when at the gym. Men who worry about their body image traditionally avoid places where other men are showing off their upper body. Moreover, excess weight on the chest can make it difficult to adequately exercise other parts of the body, resulting in a domino effect of unwellness. Post-surgery, you’ll be free to exercise and keep fit, without thinking about how your chest looks. 

Reduces Skin Rashes and Body Odor

Where skin touches, there will always be sweat, and where there’s sweat, there will always be body odor—that’s just a fact of humanity. But while under-the-breasts heat rashes and body odor are common for women (as seen by the thousands of activewear and anti-chafing products on the market), men have no means to help them with these issues. Male breast reduction can allow you to put these problems in the past, permanently. 

Mental Health Benefits

How much time and mental effort do you spend worrying about your chest’s appearance? Do you search for clothes that hide chest fat or protruding nipples? Do you worry that someone might invite you to the beach or the gym? 

Once your body shape is refined, you should feel more confident living life as you should have all along. Dating, working out, going shirtless at the beach—none of these things will bring a sense of dread or shame any longer.

Schedule a Consultation

Now that you’ve seen the ways that male breast reduction can benefit you, it’s time to change your life. Schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Devlin about whether a breast reduction procedure is right for you. You can reach our office, serving Conway, Hot Springs, and nearby areas, by calling (501) 227-8811 or sending us a message online. 

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