Facelift vs. Neck Lift: Which Is Right for Me? By Michael A. Devlin, MD on May 11, 2022

blue gloved hands hold a pencil up to a woman’s face with dotted lines indicating areas of cosmetic surgical improvementAs we age, our face loses definition, resulting in deep wrinkles and sagging skin. As a result, we no longer look as young as we feel. Cosmetic procedures, like a facelift, can help you reclaim your youthful glow by enhancing your natural appearance.

Dr. Michael Devlin is an award-winning cosmetic surgeon serving the residents of Little Rock, Conway, and Hot Springs, AR. His years of experience, use of advanced technology, and contemporary techniques make him a leader in his field. 

Facelifts and neck lifts are two common procedures that patients seek to turn back the clock on their appearance. But, what’s the difference between a facelift vs. neck lift, and how do you know which one is right for you? Here, Dr. Devlin explores the differences so that you can make the right decision for you and your aesthetic goals.

What Is a Facelift?

Research suggests that approximately 2.3 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in 2020, with facelifts accounting for nearly 250,000 of them. This popular cosmetic operation focuses predominantly on the lower two-thirds of the face, as well as the upper portion of the neck. 

The procedure involves making incisions on the sides of the face and removing excess skin. Dr. Devlin can then pull the skin tighter across the face before suturing the tissue in place. The result is a contoured and revitalized appearance that makes patients look years younger.

While this procedure gives patients a refreshed aesthetic, it does not completely alter their appearance. Instead, Dr. Devlin enhances their unique features, leaving them with natural-looking results.

What Is a Neck Lift?

Neck lifts focus on eliminating sagging skin, fatty deposits, and muscle banding around the neck and jawline. Dr. Devlin begins the procedure by making incisions around the sides of the face that extend below the ears and toward the back of the neck. He removes excess skin and fat before pulling the skin taut across the neck.

While neck lifts and facelifts are frequently mistaken as the same procedure, they differ in many ways. Choosing the right procedure for your needs is dependent upon your desired aesthetic.

Which Is Right for Me?

In general, patients who want to see an improvement that extends from their jawline to their eyes should consider a facelift. Patients who want to improve the appearance of sagging neck skin, a double chin, or jowls should consider a neck lift.  

Fortunately, patients can combine these two procedures to address several areas of improvement all at once. Patients may also explore Dr. Devlin’s U.S. trademarked RestoreLift, which is a comprehensive procedure that treats more areas of the face with minimal recovery time. Dr. Devlin can help you explore your options during an in-depth consultation. 

Schedule Your Facelift Consultation 

Facelifts and neck lifts can make you look years younger with minimal discomfort. If you’re ready to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, contact Dr. Devlin’s Little Rock cosmetic surgery center today. Patients can send our team a message to request a consultation or may call our office directly at (501) 227-8811. 

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