Why Should I Lose Weight Before Getting a Liposuction? By Michael A. Devlin, MD on August 15, 2023

Reaching a healthy weight can have lasting health benefits. However, sometimes, diet and exercise aren’t enough to remove stubborn fat in areas like the tummy, thighs, neck, buttocks, arms, and hips. While liposuction can resolve weight concerns, reaching a goal weight before liposuction is an important step. In this blog post, our Little Rock, AR, plastic surgeon discusses the reasons to lose weight before liposuction.

Better Target Problem Areas - Better Results

Liposuction does not treat obesity. It is a common misconception that liposuction is a solution for weight loss. Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to remove areas of stubborn fat from people of normal weight. With healthy changes like diet and exercise, you can not only lose weight, but you can also build muscle. This leads to a more contoured figure, especially after liposuction. By achieving a healthy weight before your liposuction procedure at our Little Rock practice, we can better see your problem areas in order to target those fat pockets to tone your body. This leads to better results.

Better Overall Health

By making lifestyle changes before your procedure, you are more likely to have results that last. While lasting results are important because cosmetic surgery is an investment, the health benefits of weight loss before liposuction are also significant. Healthy weight loss often means lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. By losing weight, you can also reduce your risk of developing obesity-related issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

By making these healthy changes, you can improve your overall health. This is important not only to maintain your health but also to maintain the results of your liposuction procedure. 

Reduced Anesthesia and Surgery Risk

Patients who are overweight are at a greater risk of anesthesia operational complications. As liposuction is a surgical procedure, these risks are important to consider. According to the American Academy of Anesthesiologists, common anesthesia risks for overweight patients include:

  • Locating veins to deliver anesthesia and life-saving emergency medications intravenously
  • Determining the right dose of medications
  • Ensuring you get enough oxygen and airflow, especially if you have sleep apnea
  • Adding to the time it takes to regain consciousness after surgery and your recovery time
  • Increasing the risk of breathing problems with narcotics and other pain medicines
  • Placing a breathing tube

Obesity also puts patients at risk of complications during and after surgery. These risks include high chances of blood clots, infections, and blood loss. By losing weight, you can lower your chances of these complications.

Ready to Discuss Liposuction?

Liposuction is not a weight loss solution but a body contouring solution that can address areas of fat that you are unable to target through diet and exercise alone. Dr. Devlin suggests that liposuction only be performed on patients who are within 30 pounds of their ideal weight or under. Not only will this ensure better results, but it will also lay a foundation for healthy living and help you maintain your results for as long as possible. If you are wondering if liposuction is right for you, contact our practice in Little Rock to schedule a consultation with Dr. Devlin.

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