4 Most Important Things to Look For in Before and After Photos By Lesli Devlin,RN, BSN, RNC,IBCLC on December 12, 2014



While researching cosmetic procedures you’re interested in having, you have probably encountered and looked at before-and-after photos.

Here at our Devlin Cosmetic Surgery, we do more than just encourage our patients to review those photos; we also remind them of the important things they should look for when reviewing the photographs.


1. Look for photographs with patients who have the same age, gender, build and ethnicity  as you.
This will help you visualize a more realistic picture of the possible surgical outcomes.

2. Check for consistency in the photographs.
Scan the photos for uniformity in light and pose. An excellent plastic surgeon has nothing to hide and will make an effort to provide consistency in the photographs.

3. Check for scarring in the “after” photos.
Any procedure that involves cutting through the skin will definitely leave scars. However, a good plastic surgeon knows how to make scarring as tiny and inconspicuous as possible. Also, you might want to ask how old those after-photographs are such as whether or not they were taken weeks or months after the procedure.

4. Observe for the surgeon’s sense of aesthetics.
A skilled plastic surgeon should be adept in both surgical technique and aesthetics as plastic surgery itself involves both science and art.


We invite you to review our before-and-after photos personally by clicking here: drdevlin.com/photogallery


We feel confident you will be amazed by our pictures and invite you to schedule a consultation.



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