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Dr. Michael Devlin goes on a news program to talk about facial rejuvenation treatments. He also talks about treatments for the hands that he offers at his cosmetic surgery practice. He discusses the damage done to our skin by the sun and how laser treatments can help to restore a more youthful appearance.

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Interviewer: Welcome back. You know what? We hear a whole lot about face lifts and eyelid lifts and botox and fillers for our face, and that seems to be the thing that everyone is concentrating on. We've got Dr. Michael Devlin in this morning to talk about not only that that you need to be concerned about but your hands as well, and sometimes we forget about that. Dr. Devlin: We definitely do. A lot of times people's face don't really match the rest of their body. They'll have a face lift, they'll get the botox, they'll get the skin treatments on their face, and then you look at their hands. They're face looks 40 and their hands look 80, and you're going, "oh my goodness, something doesn't match up somewhere." Interviewer: And people do notice hands. People look at hands. You use your hands all day long at work or at home and so it's something that everyone sees. Dr. Devlin: And people tend to ignore it. They'll put sunscreen on their face but they won't put sunscreen on their hands, and then after time that sun damage occurs and you end up with lots of little spots, brown spots on your hands and those are hard to get rid of. Interviewer: So in terms of prevention, the first thing you want to do is wear sunscreen every day. Dr. Devlin: Definitely, I can't recommend... At least a 50 sunscreen on your hands and your face. Interviewer: OK, we're looking at some pictures here, and we've got a before and after, some age spots that you treated? Dr. Devlin: Yeah, right here there's a number of different treatments available for age spots. Probably the mainstay is some of either the intense pulse light, you can do some laser treatment resurfacing, bleaching creams, but not these bleaching creams you're going to go get at the department stores. These are ones that are a prescription that only a doctor can give you, and those are the ones that treat these the best. And sometimes we do combination treatments too. Interviewer: OK, so not a lot of pain when it comes to getting rid of age spots. Dr. Devlin: No, none at all. Interviewer: None at all, OK, and then we want to move on to some fillers. So maybe we lose a lot of fat in our hands? Dr. Devlin: Yeah, typically as we age we lose a lot of volume in our hands. And if you look at an older person's hands a lot of times you will see prominent veins, little sunken in areas in their hands, and most people don't even know that there is something you can do to treat that. They'll go in to get their face lift but they'll ignore their hands. You can go back in and rejuvenate the hands by putting some fillers into the hands, and there are a number of different types of fillers that are going to last a year and a half or in that range and then you can go back in and have them retreated but not to the same degree. You're just kind of maintenance. Interviewer: Well that's great because a lot of times we hear about fillers and it's just a couple of months, three or four months that you have. Dr. Devlin: There are fillers that will last at least a year, a year and a half in the hands, and then you can come back in. And it's not a full treatment again, it's just more maintenance. Interviewer: Well, you can see a big difference in that picture, a complete difference. OK, so if people are interested in getting something done to their hands, what do they do first? Call for a consultation? Dr. Devlin: The first thing to do is come in, call for a consultation or you can go to drdevlin.com, click on the link there and schedule an appointment. Our consults are free. There's different treatments for everybody, and a lot of times we use combination treatments. Interviewer: Well, let's talk about that because we hear about the basic stuff but there's new things coming in cosmetic surgery all the time, and you guys are staying on the cutting edge of all of that. Dr. Devlin: We are. There's new fillers now that will last five to ten years that we'll use in the face and stuff like that so there are options now even that we didn't have five years ago. So if you came in a long time ago, had a consult, things have changed. Come back in, let us know. There are a lot of new treatments out there. Interviewer: When you talk about results on the hands specifically, what do people say after they get this done? Dr. Devlin: Well, the nice thing about fillers is it's an immediate result. When you leave the office, you look at your hands, they are definitely filled out so it's an immediate result. Patients are thrilled. The bleaching usually and with the laser treatments that takes a little bit more recovery time. It can take a week or so with recovery time with that. Bleaching can take up to four weeks to start effect, but with the fillers that's an immediate. You leave the office, you look younger. Interviewer: Talk about some of the other things you have going on over at the cosmetic surgery... Dr. Devlin: Well, at Devlin Cosmetic Surgery right now we are having a special. We're running it concurrent with some of our T.V. commercials. It's 25% percent off the surgery of your choice so whether it's going to be a breast aug, a tummy tuck, a face lift, call right now. If you schedule your consult before the end of this month you qualify for that 25% off. Interviewer: And I imagine you've got lots of people coming in because it's bikini season. Summer's rolling around, and people are out and about and they've go high school reunions possibly. Lots of things going on. Dr. Devlin: We've got mothers that are coming in, "My son, my daughter's getting married. What can I do ahead of time? I only have four weeks. What are my options?" They can still look younger in four weeks time depending so we have a lot of people who come in for that. It's not too late for bathing suit season even if you needed a breast Aug. or a tummy tuck it's not too late. You could still have it done here pretty quickly and have most of the summer to enjoy your new body. Interviewer: Dr. Michael Devlin, always great stuff. Go get those hands checked out. I know everyone's looking at their hands now going, "How old do they look? What do I need? What should I get done?" Go see him at least for a consultation if you think it might be something that you would like to have done. There's the information on your screen. He is in Little Rock at the Executive Center, Executive Center Drive. Easy to find. Dr. Michael Devlin with Devlin Cosmetic Surgery. Thank you so much for coming in. Good stuff, stuff we don't hear about all the time when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

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