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Kim Hart experienced palsy on the right side of her face for some time, which caused a noticeable sagging of her facial features. She consulted Dr. Devlin based on testimonies from other patients. Dr. Devlin lifted the sagging features with a partial face lift, and paid a great deal of attention to achieving symmetry between both sides of Kim's face, creating precisely the results she wanted.

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I had a palsy on the right side of my face that it kind of sagged. Stress made it worse. And it got to the point that . . . it's something that I inherited from family. And it got worse and I just researched different plastic surgeons online and Dr. Devlin had very good remarks about him, good reviews. He's been on some national shows so I thought I would choose him to come into. Plus my daughter also uses his aesthetician because she had acne scars really bad and she always liked this office. So I came in and asked what he could do about the palsy and he did very well. He just lifted this side of my face, did a good enough job to make it even with the other one. And while I was in here, I just said, "Well, what can you do for everything else?" And he came up with a plan for me. I've been very pleased with the services and I just feel now that I look like what I think I should look like in my head.

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Dr. Devlin helped me rewrite the ending to my journey from fat to fabulous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. LISA BORDEAUX, FROM A GOOGLE+ REVIEW

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