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A brow lift can provide powerful rejuvenating effects, and is commonly performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery. It is often performed endoscopically, which reduces the amount of incisions needed. Incisions can be concealed in the hairline for exceptionally natural-looking results.

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Brow lift procedure is a procedure that can be performed in conjunction with other types of facial cosmetic surgery, specifically eyelid surgery and a facelift. A lot of times, patients will come in saying that they look tired and they think it's due to excess skin on their eyes. When in reality, it's their brow positioning is lower. So a lot of times, we will do a combination of an eyelid surgery in addition to a brow lift to get that back up into an area that looks a lot more rested and natural. It can be done in a couple of different ways. We can utilize an endoscopic approach, which reduces the amount of incisions that we have to make in the hairline. Or other times, if we want to actually reduce the amount of forehead that you have, some people who have like a receding hairline, we'll do a procedure where we make that incision in the hairline itself to actually reduce the amount of forehead that shows. When we do this, we do it in a special way to where actually the hair follicles grow through the incision so it's not very apparent, after everything heals, that you've had a brow lift procedure.

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