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Sharon Franke did not want to like someone who had obviously undergone some kind of cosmetic surgery. She says Dr. Devlin's techniques helped her reach her goal of rejuvenation without looking like a plastic surgery patient. Today, she is very satisfied with her facelift results.

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I came here for a facelift and when I first decided to get this done, I was . . . my biggest concern was not to look like I had a face lift. And I'm from California. I've seen a lot of overdone people where you look at them and you can immediately tell that you've had work done and that's not what I wanted. Immediately when I came into Dr. Devlin's office, I felt, I felt a calmness about the place. I was . . . I felt very welcome, I liked the size of the office and the intimacy that I felt with the staff. They made me feel very comfortable. When I sat down with Dr. Devlin, he seemed very concerned about my needs and my . . . what I was concerned . . . my concerns with having this done. At my age, I felt like now is a good time to do it. I've always tried to keep up with myself and I felt so much younger inside than I was starting to look and so . . . and I told these things to Dr. Devlin. He listened and I just felt good about . . . about the place immediately.

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Dr. Devlin helped me rewrite the ending to my journey from fat to fabulous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. LISA BORDEAUX, FROM A GOOGLE+ REVIEW

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