Fat Grafting


Fat grafting takes a natural approach to feature enhancement by purifying your own fat cells and injecting them into areas such as the face. This method typically produces less bruising in the treated areas than synthetic injectables. Most of the fat tissue remains permanently after treatment, unlike other fillers, which only provide results lasting one to two years.

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Fat grafting has become increasingly popular, even in the last several years. What we're able to do now is we use micro-cannulas to harvest smaller amounts of fat. By using the smaller micro-cannulas, we actually have less bruising and swelling from the donor areas. We also use micro-cannulas to re-inject it into the areas, specifically in the face is where we do most of our fat grafting. With fat grafting to the face, it becomes almost more economically feasible than it does if you're using multiple syringes of filler, like Restylane or Juvederm. With the fat grafting, we're able to use basically unlimited amounts of volume that we want to use to re-volumize the face. And a lot of what we put in there is permanent so unlike the other fillers that only last anywhere from a year to two years, the fat grafting, a majority of that will still be there permanently.

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Dr. Devlin helped me rewrite the ending to my journey from fat to fabulous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. LISA BORDEAUX, FROM A GOOGLE+ REVIEW

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