Artefill: A More Permanent Injectable Filler


Dr. Michael Devlin discusses Artefill, an injectable filler, on a News program. This filler is commonly used for nasolabial folds. Artefill is thought to be more of a permanent solution than other injectable fillers.

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Interviewer: And welcome back to Good Morning Arkansas. Dr. Michael Devlin is here from Devlin Cosmetic Surgery to tell us about an innovative and wonderful way to help create a different look and actually a younger look for you. If you're interested in it, it's called ArteFill. Thank you so much for being here today. Dr. Devlin: Thank you. Well, ArteFill is one of the new fillers that's out on the market. It's really not relatively that new. It's been FDA approved for over five years now. It's relatively new to the Arkansas market though. The nice thing about that though is it's much longer lasting. This is considered more of a permanent filler. Most people have heard of Juvederm and Restylane, that lasts about six months. With the ArteFill, it can last five to ten years. Interviewer: Wow. Dr. Devlin: We've got some pictures we can show that it really does work. It's long and permanent lasting. You can go in there during a lunch time, have this procedure done, come out looking years younger and have it last ten years. Interviewer: Wow. And who doesn't want to look years younger, right? And so we've got some pictures up right now. Okay, so now let's talk about exactly where the filler goes and how it creates the look. Dr. Devlin: Well, in this area, we're doing it right into the nasal labia folds and you can see it those deep lines on the side of her face coming across the nose down to the lip area, and you can see three years out the correction that you can get. And we can show some pictures even later on that have the longer lasting ones. Interviewer: Wow. And that's after three years? Dr. Devlin: That's after three years and you can look on this here. This is ten years out. Interviewer: That's amazing. Dr. Devlin: And you can see the amount of correction. And the nice thing about this it's a combination of two different materials. One is a polymethylmethacrylate and that's a permanent synthetic microspheres that go in there and stimulate your own body's collagen. And the other component to it is a bovine collagen, similar to the older collagen that we had. The nice thing about this is that when that collagen starts to dissipate at about three months, your body is making new collagen and that's how you get the permanent correction. Interviewer: Wow. Well, that's amazing. Now a question for you in terms of the treatment, how often would one have to do it? Dr. Devlin: Usually after one injection. You can get about 80% correction so a lot of times you can elect to come back in and have an additional treatment and then after your second treatment, you're pretty much good for ten years. Interviewer: Wow, that's impressive too. You said this is something that I can actually come to your office and get over at lunch period? Dr. Devlin: That's correct. It's got lidocaine in there so it's very comfortable when it's injected. It numbs it up. You go in, have the procedure done. You can go back to your normal activity right afterwards. Interviewer: Wow. How does it work in fact though? What is the procedure? Dr. Devlin: Well, the procedure is, like I said, it's got a combination of the microspheres that are a synthetic material and a bovine collagen. You inject that in there and the collagen actually gives you that immediate correction and that lasts about three months. But while that's happening, those little microspheres that are in there actually stimulates your own body's collagen so as the one is dissipating, the other is building up your own collagen and your own collagen is permanent. Those little microspheres don't go anywhere. They don't degrade. So it's still there and that's why you get the longer lasting results. Interviewer: Okay, and that's FDA approved five years now and Arkansans are just now learning about it. Dr. Devlin: Seems like we're always a little slower to get things here. Interviewer: But thanks to you, we're on a roll now. Dr. Devlin: Yes. Interviewer: Okay, so I wanted to ask you. Is there anybody who is not a good candidate for this procedure? Dr. Devlin: Well, not really unless you have a major health concerns. Anybody who's a candidate for some of the less long-acting fillers like the Restylane and Juvederm, you're a candidate for the ArteFill as well. Interviewer: Okay, but if people have more questions or they want the service, they can just come by your office, right? Dr. Devlin: That's true. Interviewer: And you have an introductory event that you're having at your office December first? Dr. Devlin: Yes. We're having an ArteFill event. You can call the office and sign up for it. During that event we're going to go a little more about how it really works, show you a lot more before and after pictures and we're also having an introductory reduction in the price during this event. Interviewer: Okay and that's December first and we need to tell everybody where your office is. It's on Executive Center Drive and of course, in Little Rock. The phone number's right there, 227-8811. But just for reference, you said it's right across from the street? Dr. Devlin: Right across from the heart hospital. Interviewer: Okay, so we know where to find you. Dr. Devlin: Yes. Interviewer: And it's December first. If you're interested in learning more about this procedure and you want to take years off your face, a great way to do that. Thank you so much for being here, Dr. Devlin. Dr. Devlin: Thank you. Interviewer: And again his event is on December first. When we come back, we're going to talk about the deadline to enter Tobi Fairley's room makeover. We'll be right back.

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