A facelift can reduce signs of aging by tightening sagging skin and lifting underlying tissues. Dr. Devlin has developed a special lift called the "Restore Lift," which addresses treatment areas in both the face and neck. During your consultation, he can begin tailoring a facelift procedure to your needs and goals.

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Facelift is an extremely important procedure for a lot of patients. You can operate on other parts of the body and you can cover it up. But when you're operating on somebody's face, they're going to know. Everybody's going to know. What I find most patients ask for is they still want to look like themselves. They don't want to look altered, they don't want to look funny. They don't want to look like something they've seen on the Academy Awards where it's way overdone. They want to look natural. I've developed a special type of a facelift. It's called "The Restore Lift." And that addresses not only the face but as well as the neck. It also utilizes your own growth factors. We draw off blood, we process that, and we're able to re-inject those growth factors into the facelift areas, where you're actually going to get collagen stimulation even after the surgery for several months afterwards. We're able to give you a much better result. You're going to know you've had something done but you're still going to look like you, and it's going to look natural. You're going to be a more refreshed version of what you are. It's going to just basically set the clock back.

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Dr. Devlin helped me rewrite the ending to my journey from fat to fabulous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. LISA BORDEAUX, FROM A GOOGLE+ REVIEW

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