Our Patients' Plastic Surgery Journey Continues


Dr. Michael Devlin's plastic surgery patient show off the results post-surgery. In the second half of this Dateline NBC profile, we see how his patient and his mother are adjusting to their new look and increased confidence. His patient underwent several plastic surgery procedures to correct imperfections he had dealt with for years before his plastic surgery journey began.

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And to her enormous surprise it's even better than the computer image that started it all. The next morning, prom day, they try to describe how they feel. Adam Grub: Because I like to smile. I love to smile. It's like a sugar high that lasts all day and it doesn't go away. Keith Morrison: Where's the best kick that you get? Lori Grub: The best part has been seeing him come out of his kind of shell. He smiles full face. He's never smiled like he does now. Keith Morrison: Yeah. Lori Grub: He brightens up a room, and other people have told me that, and that makes a mom feel great. Keith Morrison: Yeah. Lori Grub: People look at you different. They . . . I always felt people were maybe saying, "That poor girl. She'd be so pretty if she didn't have such bad wrinkles or if her teeth were fixed or pretty." And now I don't feel like people are saying that. They don't have to feel sorry for me. And she says she getting the kind of attention she lost, she thought forever, years ago. Lori Grub: Like, if you need to, you get out of a parking lot into traffic, they just . . . all you do is just smile and wave and they let you . . . Keith Morrison: Give them that little pretty girl thing. Lori Grub: They let you right in. Adam Grub: I don't really ogle myself or, you know, things like that. Keith Morrison: Such a guy, isn't he? Lori Grub: Oh, he does so. Keith Morrison: Yeah? Lori Grub: He ogles himself. I've seen him. Adam Grub: I do not. No, I don't. Lori Grub: He looks just a little bit longer than he used to. And Morgan, the high school senior, the girl whose prom this very night was the catalyst for all this, watches as change comes over her little family. Morgan Grub: She takes over the bathroom every morning. I had to retreat to the downstairs bathroom. [laughs] Keith Morrison: All of a sudden she's feeling pretty. Morgan Grub: Oh, so pretty. Keith Morrison: Is she a little obnoxious about it? Morgan Grub: Sometimes Hours later, all dressed up for the prom, Lori stops in at the vet's clinic where Allison, the boss and friend who encouraged the makeover in the first place, is waiting for the first look at the result. Allison: Oh, my God! Oh, you look so pretty. Woman: She's so special, she's so wonderful. She is. She's a special person. I can't help it. That evening, students arrive in everything from trucks to limousines. Man: Oh Lori, I thought you were one of the seniors. You look beautiful. Lori Grub: Well, thank you Lori has agreed to be a chaperone. Woman: Oh, my gosh. You look gorgeous, girl. Lori Grub: Put me to work. I'm ready. And finally it's Morgan's night. It is her prom, after all, even though it's the whole family having a coming out party. Adam Grub: How was y'all's dinner? Morgan Grub: It was good. People kept staring at me. Adam is Morgan's escort for the school's traditional Walk of Memories Lori Grub: I didn't get to go to a prom so this is fun for me. Oh, and one more thing, says Lori, that little boy who teased her back in the 7th grade . . . Lori Grub: I bet he looks old. The Robert Millers can just kiss my grits. They don't matter anymore. I really don't care what other people think. I really don't. I did this for me. Morgan Grub: It means a lot because they were never confident at all and it makes me happy to see them that way. It makes me glad that their mission is accomplished, my mission at least, for them to be happy. Stone Phillips: Since we last saw Lori, Adam and Morgan, they say their lives continue to improve. Lori has a new and better job, and Adam is now thinking about going to college. That's all for this edition of Dateline Sunday. We'll see you again for Dateline Friday at 8:00, 7:00 Central. I'm Stone Phillips, and for all of us at NBC News, goodnight.

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Dr. Devlin helped me rewrite the ending to my journey from fat to fabulous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. LISA BORDEAUX, FROM A GOOGLE+ REVIEW

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