With so many plastic surgery providers, you may wonder: Why choose Dr. Devlin for abdominoplasty? In addition to providing compassionate and highly skilled care, you can count on Dr. Devlin to give you natural-looking results. Dr. Devlin encourages anyone who is interested in a tummy tuck to explore his before and after gallery to see examples of what he can do for you.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.680 --> 00:00:10.960 A tummy tuck surgery often involves removing extra skin and fat tissue, 00:00:11.040 --> 00:00:12.960 as well as tightening up the stomach muscles. 00:00:13.040 --> 00:00:16.800 Most of the time, we like to have that body mass index less than 30, 00:00:16.880 --> 00:00:18.440 but a lot of times, 00:00:18.520 --> 00:00:22.480 we'll still do a tummy tuck on patients with a BMI greater than 30, 00:00:22.560 --> 00:00:25.240 as long as they have realistic expectations 00:00:25.320 --> 00:00:27.280 on how flat we can get their stomach. 00:00:27.360 --> 00:00:30.320 One of the biggest telltale signs of a tummy tuck 00:00:30.400 --> 00:00:33.160 is when you see people's belly buttons afterwards. 00:00:33.280 --> 00:00:36.640 Sometimes you see these little slits, these little brown buttons. 00:00:36.760 --> 00:00:38.360 They don't look natural at all. 00:00:38.440 --> 00:00:41.600 I think one thing that distinguishes my tummy tuck from others 00:00:41.720 --> 00:00:44.720 is how natural the belly button looks afterwards. 00:00:44.960 --> 00:00:46.800 Another thing that I encourage patients to do 00:00:46.880 --> 00:00:48.240 when they're considering a tummy tuck 00:00:48.320 --> 00:00:51.280 is go to the different doctors' websites 00:00:51.640 --> 00:00:53.640 and look at their before and after pictures 00:00:53.720 --> 00:00:57.440 because the before and after pictures really do speak for themselves. 00:00:57.520 --> 00:01:01.360 A lot of times when we do a tummy tuck, we'll also do liposuction. 00:01:01.440 --> 00:01:03.440 Sometimes we are able to do the liposuction 00:01:03.520 --> 00:01:05.240 at the same time as a tummy tuck, 00:01:05.440 --> 00:01:08.640 but depending on if it's going to be more extensive liposuction, 00:01:08.800 --> 00:01:12.040 for safety reasons, we like to stage that, do the tummy tuck first, 00:01:12.200 --> 00:01:15.760 then come back and contour the waist, the flank, and the back area. 00:01:15.880 --> 00:01:19.520 Recovery for a tummy tuck… Before you can get back to full activity, 00:01:19.600 --> 00:01:23.200 meaning strenuous activity and lifting more than about 10 pounds, 00:01:23.280 --> 00:01:24.720 is about six weeks. 00:01:24.800 --> 00:01:26.520 Now, most patients have discomfort 00:01:26.600 --> 00:01:29.600 for about the first 2–3 days after a tummy tuck. 00:01:29.800 --> 00:01:31.360 After that, they feel pretty good, 00:01:31.440 --> 00:01:33.880 and they're able to do most of their activities. 00:01:34.360 --> 00:01:36.360 I'm Dr Michael Devlin, and if you're considering a tummy tuck, 00:01:36.440 --> 00:01:40.400 I encourage you to visit our website drdevlin.com 00:01:40.480 --> 00:01:42.440 and look at our before and after pictures, 00:01:42.520 --> 00:01:44.560 and then you can call and make an appointment.

Plastic surgeon Michael Devlin, M.D.

Devlin Cosmetic Surgery: Michael Devlin, M.D.

Dr. Devlin is a cosmetic surgeon who provides each of his patients with personalized care and a compassionate approach. He offers a range of procedures in an environment where patients feel safe, comfortable, and heard. He is affiliated with organizations such as the:

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  • American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery
  • American Medical Association
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