Breast Lift and Reduction


Breast lift and reduction procedures can enhance the dimensions of your bustline and relieve issues such as back and shoulder strain. Dr. Devlin explains how these procedures differ and what you can expect during recovery. If your breasts are sagging or causing you discomfort due to their size, you may be a candidate for one or both of these procedures.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.880 --> 00:00:11.120 A breast lift or breast reduction often involve the same type of incisions. 00:00:11.200 --> 00:00:13.637 The big difference is with the breast reduction, 00:00:13.720 --> 00:00:16.840 you're removing a lot more of the breast tissue itself, 00:00:16.920 --> 00:00:21.400 as well as repositioning the nipple back up to a more youthful position. 00:00:22.040 --> 00:00:23.320 Breast lift. 00:00:23.600 --> 00:00:28.160 You're just mostly reshaping the breast back to a more youthful shape. 00:00:28.240 --> 00:00:31.880 The recovery for a breast lift and a breast reduction are very similar. 00:00:31.960 --> 00:00:36.280 The big difference between the two is when you're doing a breast reduction, 00:00:36.360 --> 00:00:39.000 you may or may not have to use drains. 00:00:39.080 --> 00:00:40.040 If we do use drains, 00:00:40.120 --> 00:00:42.840 most of the time those drains will be coming out at your first visit, 00:00:42.920 --> 00:00:45.200 which is about three days or so after surgery. 00:00:45.280 --> 00:00:48.920 Recovery for a breast lift or a breast reduction is fairly simple. 00:00:49.000 --> 00:00:49.680 Most of the time, 00:00:49.760 --> 00:00:53.240 all of the stitches that we put in are dissolvable on the inside and the skin. 00:00:53.320 --> 00:00:55.240 We actually close it with a tissue glue, 00:00:55.320 --> 00:00:57.520 so there's no stitches to remove afterwards. 00:00:57.600 --> 00:01:00.240 Discomfort afterwards is only for a few days, 00:01:00.400 --> 00:01:03.720 and most people are back to their normal activity within a week. 00:01:03.800 --> 00:01:06.800 I encourage you to visit our website at, 00:01:06.880 --> 00:01:08.640 and take a look at our photo gallery 00:01:08.720 --> 00:01:11.360 and look at the breast lift and breast reduction photographs 00:01:11.440 --> 00:01:13.040 before you make your decision.

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